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I had an order come in yesterday and the person chose USPS Priority Mail, which was calculated with the plugin rate calculator. The 2.9 pound order charged her $41.70 for USPS Priority Mail 2-Da...
My store just went live today. I just noticed that products that have variants put the same price for each variant. It looks like whatever variant is cheaper, that's the price that's listed. If va...
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I looked closely. I only have one account and all the settings and account settings sections are filled in. 
I got a weird "December business report" from Google. It reported in the email that I received zero clicks and zero impressions. The email says "See how to boost your metrics next month" with a "View opportunities" button. I click on the button and i...
Thanks for this very helpful 'tutorial.' When it's still in draft mode, it said it fixed the issue. So I saved/applied the draft rules. For a while, the diagnostics showed it still to be an issue, but then after about 15 minutes the issues disappeare...
LOL. THERE IT IS. There's another way into the bulk editor in the Google & YouTube section and it has none of this. Manage Products is the key.  Here's hoping!
I've looked through Shopify bulk edit a few times and don't see anything like these attributes as choices in the column selector.
I don't think these are attributes that you can address in Shopify, let alone the bulk editor. But even when I go to Google Merchant Center I'm confused as to the measurement I should use for a book. Ounces? Inches? It doesn't have option for Pieces ...
I went over to my Google Merchant Center page. When I look at products with issues, it says nothing about invalid image issues (unlike on the Google Sales Channel page on Shopify). BUT... on the Google Merchant Center page, it says every one of my pr...
There’s plenty of disallow in our robot file, but we didn’t modify it and there’s nothing related to images in it.# we use Shopify as our ecommerce platformUser-agent: *Disallow: /adminDisallow: /cartDisallow: /ordersDisallow: /checkouts/Disallow: /c...
Thanks for the information, but for products where I dragged .jpg images straight into the Shopify product edit page image section, I don’t see how it could find an error.
Hundreds of products all say "Invalid Attribute Value [image link]" in the Google app in the Products list. The images for my products show up on the website product pages without issue. And there are no links FROM the images. AND they show up in Goo...
I've used the same path to my jpg files before and when I click on the links Shopify says aren't working, the images load. But Shopify won't import them.  "147 products couldn't be changed due to invalid informationTo import products that couldn't be...
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