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Hi , have 112 products which did not publish to face Book. I notice the dot on the page , and the v sign. I know I have to look through every page. How do I know what I am looking f...
Do we need Bar Codes in our items in the store
My store is timeandmotion.ca. I have tried to connect to the store in the usual way but appear to be getting another store displaying it's items, which are not mine. Can anyone give me an answer.
Hi , I need advice. My store is coming up on the screen, connected to another store with items I neve
Good Morning I have just realized I am paying for KIT to display items off my store, only to see that this has not been happening, until this morning. ( Wednesday )
I can get in to the catalogue page. There are a few details missing on this page. I cannot get in to the home page. My store is "timeandmotion.ca " every time i type in this it comes to the ...
Hi I have just gone in to " Time and Motion .ca, my web site. When I opened the web page to look at all the products I have. The page comes up with items with no photo. Can you please tell me h...
I am trying to save photo's of products which I can then enter on Face Book. I have done it before , but now can't remember how. Thanks. Timeandmotion.ca
My Ad account has been disabled. The message states that in April 2018, I queried how much I had paid on ADS, I don't recall doing that !!
When I go in to the inventry / Products I have to put the prices in again. WHY !
Hi I am not sure how to do this ? In the future I would like it done automatically. Thanks
Which Instagram do I link too ? Thanks, Josie Coak
Which is the right Instagram to work with. I have read some reviews, which were negative. Thanks, timeandmotion.ca
I put a price on items for the store and when I get in to the store the prices have gone back to the original Price. This does not happen for all the items, just some of them.
when going in to the store and collections, I find missing images how do I rectify this ? I would also like some help, to create a nested menu Thanks, Josie Coak
Hello how do I transfer images of the rpoducts for sale from Shopify to Amazon Thanks
Hi how do I reduce the title on product I am publishing with Amazon ? Thanks, Josie Coak
Hi who knows the easiest way to link photo's of products from shopify to Amazon? Basically photo's to Amazon for the products I am trying to sell !!
I have got my list ready to Publish to Amazon, and have put two wrong numbers in on two items. How do I edit and change this with out loosing all , and going back to the beginning. I have edited t...
Hi I am listing products to sell on Amazon . I have my Bar Codes, down loaded what I need. I am stuck on the image that they request. Can you help ? Thanks
Can anyone give me the secret to selling on Amazon.via Aliexpress. I have got to the point, were they ask for a product identifier ( Bar Code ). I have spent hours reading material on this issue, eve...
Where do I find the product identifier ? I am trying to download products to Amazon, but not sure were to find the above !! I am reading the information, and have gone through it, and tried ...
I am getting many likes on my store from FB. How do I respond in answering them or keeping them interested , and to keep them engaged. Thanks, Josie Coak
Hi I am finding a problem downloading products to Ebay from my store. The problem is the quantity available for listing. Quoted by Ebay support - if you have one listing with Quantity 1000, they c...
Hi I am trying to publish my about page this is what I have been doing ! * going in to navigator * Pages * putting it in visible * writing the page * Making it visible *...
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Hi I am trying to download my store on Oberlo, and find that Ecom has got products there in stead.
Thanks for the info. Much appreciated. 
I would like to change the collections on my store.. The products that are on now, are not what I chose.   How do I change. Thanks
Hi, I would like to know how to increase my store Speed.I have read most of the information that is available, I am none the wiser on some aspects !Can anyone help ? Thanks
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