Could anyone help me figure out how to have a drop down menu when I mouse over the products page on the header bar of the Solo theme? Thank You!
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When i hover over a link my text highlights bright blue, i changed this setting before and now cannot figure out how to disable it / alter it.. using dawn 2.0 and the site is
HelloI am looking to remove the default blue hyperlink color. see where it says "back"It's not changing within the 'colors' in the theme customization, and no other forum posts are accurately solving this for me. using dawn 2....
Looking for a quick solution to the line spacing in my product descriptions. would like the text more tucked together, it looks like 1.5 or double spaced by default.. using dawn 2.0
this helped. i would still like it about half the size smaller. @Zworthkey 
Please refer to the image, i want make the footer smaller on mobile so the menu is lower and there is less gray and mostly the white background on the page. More similar to how its composed on desktop.
The size of the margin box, not the font size
This worked thank you so much. Do you know how to change adjust the footer size?
@AvadaCommerce @Denishamakwana   Like this on mobile. I'm also looking to be able to adjust the footer margin size
Want to have the option to view my footer menu links horizontally on mobile. For example: HOME TERMS PRIVACY CONTACT  Having trouble changing it myself.
@Denishamakwana@tljafar @DelightCart  Please help.
Hello, this didn't work - perhaps it's not letter spacing but line spacing? how would that be written?and yes im also interested in possibly changing the footer to be horizontal rather than vertical on mobile, but its most important that I figure out...
Hello - I'm using the Dawn Theme and would like my footer menu text spacingto be more condensed with little to no spacing in-between the text. For example:HOMETEXTFAQPRIVACY website domain
been needing this for years. thanks
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