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Since customer service is no longer available due to covid 19. Would anyone in shopify's community know how I can get my inventory to update when an order is placed..... I have some items which...
Hi everyone, before shopify made some changes, my site was very mobile friendly..... I checked on my site today in Mobile View and its terrible. Is there an app besides Qikify or is that ...
Is anyone else here having a problem with using locations. Yesterday a message appeared as if they did an upgrade asking for me to confirm my one location that I ship from. Well I use a p...
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I recently signed up for tik tok shop and had to use the aftership feed for tik tok shop app to have my products listed.  I noticed that now I have a javascript error caused by tik tok sandbox.    If you do a google search on tik tok sandbox they sho...
When I go into my theme.liquid, I notice that my meta title and description that I have set in shopify does not map over into the booster theme.  This is what it currently shows:<title>{{ page_title }}{% if current_tags %} &ndash; tagged "{{ current_...
I use SEO King and they detected a javascript error- when I go into google chrome console this is what I see below, I did reach out to the developer of my theme, would anyone happen to have experience and know what this error is babbling about?  my s...
Getting this lovely error yet again today- If anyone else does please report it so they can make it go AWAY.
I had to clear my cache and it started working
Same Issue, just started today, last week it was working fine
Is there a way to view past apps that we have had installed on our site?  I removed some apps a while back and wanted to make sure the javascript gets removed.......
Hi, I was able to have the issue fixed by adding the following app to mystore:SEO, JSON-LD, Schemaby Webrex StudioI bought the one time pro plan, contacted them to notify them of the issueand they took care of it for me.
Hi,I use rich snippets app thru shopify by webex Studios-SEO, JSON-LD, Schemaby Webrex StudioAlthough I did not find the solution on my own by going thru my templatesand searching for what the others had put as their solution, I am signed upwith the ...
Would anyone happen to know why my BRAND field is coming up all warnings since Oct 1st?  It was fine until then, now all of them are slowly erroring out in google search.  And YES my brand is filled in as well.
Thats what I thought too, figured I would mention it on here since I getthe IPN emails all the time lately.
Did anyone ever respond to you because I am getting the same emails from paypal
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