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Is it possible to call an app proxy endpoint from an admin UI extension like we do from a Theme UI Extension?I'm stuck with CORS errors. I tried modifying `entry.server.jsx` file to accept the "OPTIONS" call for preflight before the "POST", but then ...
Hey, did you find a solution?I'm trying to accomplish something different but I also need to disable/hide the Address picker in checkout page. Same as you, I have already asked the customer to enter the address in a previous step. I'm using draft ord...
Got the same error when trying to create a second theme extension. Why? 
Hi, same here. I have an app with the "product rating" block extension which has 2 files and 10 lines of code only and I want to create another block extension but says "limit reached". Any solution?
I think I found a way. You have to GET the page again using query parameters. Something like this: export const loader = async ({ request }) => { const { admin } = await authenticate.admin(request); const url = request.url; let from = null; ...
I'm facing the same issue. I get the first N records but I don't know how to get the next N. I tried the same you did with a global admin variable but doesn't work. Have you figured out how to do this? or how to "call loader again" with the endCursor...
Hey, yes. It’d be awesome if you can share itTks
Hey, I'm now facing the same question.... have you found the way to go with this?Thanks
Hi, I'm looking for something similar. Have you ckecked ? 
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