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I am looking to create a Shopify app using Rails. However, I'm still not fully understanding how I would go about doing it. I created a private app, and hooked it up to my admin section using these d...
I'm trying to get started with opening a shopify store and the API. However, I'm having trouble conceptualizing how to actually use the API. I just created a private app and hooked it up to my Ruby ...
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In Getting started with building delivery customizations (https://shopify.dev/docs/apps/checkout/delivery-shipping/delivery-customizations/getting-started#step-3-create-the-delivery-customization-with-graphiql), it suggests using Graph QL to query th...
This is a little bit strange. The GraphQL query function only works when npm run dev is running. So it can work for my dev store.  But in the production environment, the graphql query returns no customization functions, so I can't the ID to run the m...
In my Checkout UI extension, I can update order metafields without any problem. But I can't update customer metafield. For example,    useApplyMetafieldsChange ({ type: "updateMetafield", namespace: "order_details", key: "delivery_date", valu...
By the way, I just tried using  const {target, isTargetSelected} = useApi('purchase.checkout.shipping-option-item.render-after'); const shippingOption = useSubscription(target); and I got the same error on the useSubscription line. 
Hi Lizk, Thanks for your help, and pointing out the syntax differences between jsx and typescript.  Since I am interested in PickupLocationListApi, I tried the following code:import { reactExtension, BlockStack, DateField, useApi, useApplyM...
We are migrating our checkout.liquid and checkout.js to the new Checkout Extension. So far it's mostly okay.  I am trying to implement a date picker at two locations during checkout, 1) after the pickup options rendered, i.e. purchase.checkout.pickup...
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