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@LitExtension thanks for confirming that - so as mentioned earlier, since it is tied to the user's SSO account there is only one image that can be used globally across all Shopify stores.
Working on a blog for a store and surprisingly I haven't used author images in the past. I've come across the following liquid attribute: article.user.image I am not seeing anywhere in the staff section where an admin user can manage their avatar ima...
Hi @Moira thank you for the reply! That is a great explanation.No issues yet - I have a new client who has plans to scale up to/past 50,000 within a year and ideally in the high 6 figures+ over time. If Shopify Plus is an option to do this then that ...
Looking for a technical answer if available:What is the maximum number of products which can be imported into Shopify? Does this differ for Shopify Plus?I have seen a scenario where there could be 1 million + items, with 1, 2 or 3 variants per item. ...
Ended up finding the relevant info:https://shopify.dev/themes/architecture/sections/section-schema#tagTag attribute allows modification of the container element.
If I include a section in my theme template via liquid tags as follows:{% section 'header' %} The resulting output wraps the code contained in the header section with a div: <div id="shopify-section-header" class="shopify-section"> <!- Content i...
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