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Bio: I'm just an ordinary human who knows a thing or two about programming. I am not very active on forums if you need my help feel free to PM me or mentio...

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I have just seen a notification today that says new development stores will not be able to process live orders? Is this due to the COVID-19 or is this permanent? It's not really a good upgrade so to ...
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So there are a few explanations for this:Your first variant might be the cheapest variant, in which case it will still be the same.That's not the correct variable for the variant, so there might be another variable somewhere in the code that is getti...
I assume it's the variable named cheapest_variant so change it to the first available variant like this{% assign cheapest_variant = product.first_available_variant %} 
Do you mean this?product.first_available_variant To actually use it, you'll need to find the variable that your theme is using and replace it with this.
Hello, When you transfer your domain, your DNS records will be reset to Shopify’s default. You will need to contact the hosting company to provide you the email’s MX record. Once you have it, all you have to do is to add it to your DNS record. Here’s...
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