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@stbozk @CT86 Check the apps that you are using that take control of 'add to cart' or 'checkout' buttons. Most likely they are ignoring multilanguage and multicurrency.It could be in your theme as well. Constructions like "/cart" or "?/cart.js" will ...
From experience, this parameter is added by Shopify Markets when the Geolocation redirect is set up.
Hi,There's no routes object for 'checkout'. But locale should be passed to checkout as a parameter.Try the following format:/checkout?locale={{ shop.locale }}where you use /checkout in your .liquid.
Shopify allows adding translation for your content and you can set up all pages for your store in another language.For example if you haveyourstore.com/products/product-name in Englishyou can also have yourstore.com/fr/products/product-name, yourstor...
Kevin,In your cart template .liquid search for<form action="/cart"and change it to<form action="{{ routes.cart_url }}"   
To check the cart link you need to look not at the <button>, but at the <form action=...> part. When I checked your store from outside the link was ok. I also didn't see any scripts that caused the problem. But I'm glad that you managed to sort this ...
When I go to your checkout and add ?locale=en parameter, the page is really shown with the translation. This means that the content is actually translatedThe problem might be that your checkout button is not retaining the language. This could happen ...
Hi LooMor,If you store visitor registers/orders from original store, he should get 'fr' language tag. If he does from /en page, he should get 'en' tag.Please refer your to the following documentation:https://shopify.dev/docs/admin-api/graphql/referen...
Hi Riccds,We've been trying to partner with many multilingual apps for years and I can confirm that there's no review app that is 100% compatible with Shopify's multilingual Functionality (it would be a killer-feature if they did). The workaround is ...
You can also go to Shopify -> Products -> checkbox to select all products and then click 'select all products'. Then click 'edit products' -> click 'add fields' -> select 'template'. Then you can change the template for all products and click save. I...
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