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Hi - Recent theme and shopify updates have 'dictated' that my Shopify Product Review App that has sat wonderfully aesthetically across the complete page now lopes on the right hand side in a long l...
Hi, Relative newbie to Shopify here (great product by the way, have two e-commerce sites running now) and in need of some technical help/advice. I want to expand the reach/functional...
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You're not alone in this, I have paid (quiet a lot!) to various 'shopify experts' to speed up the page loading of my site, The Solid Bar Company But none have made any tangible/noticeable difference to load times. Each time I get the same 'suggestion...
I need some help with the browser text that displays please.In various browsers (Chrome, FF, Safari, Brave etc) my website tabs (all except the home page, which only shows the first and third!) are now displaying three bits of text, as follows: - The...
I was thinking of changing one of my website's themes to Plak - BUT.... I have contacted their 'support' with a few basic questions (answer not available in their forums) and after 6 days, and repeated request, still have no response other than an au...
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