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Fixed it so the issue was it was making relative path for my css file and hence looking in Shopifys assets for that css which wasn't present there. Thanks for the help though Dan
Thanks for the suggestion, I'm already trying to debug it :D. I'm using rails for development so it's rendering my application.css but it doesn't have any styles in it. Inline styles are working though.
Already checked and it doesn't. Do you have any idea if Shopify strips stylesheets and js for the proxy url pages?
That was it. I was rendering embedded apps layout inside my controller, causing it to ask for admins credentials. Thanks a lot Dan. I have a different issue now though as it's not rendering my styles with the page. I have stylesheet tag for my style...
Hi Dan Thanks for the quick reply. Sorry I forgot to mention that in my previous post but yeah I have set up App Proxy for the front end page and added proxy url in one of the liquid templates as well, like this: <li class="toolbar-customer"><a hre...
Hi Guys This is my first hands on experience with Shopify and I'm developing a Embedded app, it would have a merchant backend and a front end page for customers to show in store. I have successfully implemented the Merchant part and also added the ...
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