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Hello, I was told that this information was made available in the latest 2019-10 release. More importantly, my clients was told this by Shopify, and is on us to resolve some issues tha...
I am trying to get the assigned locations for line items on an order. This, I was told was part of the 2019-10 api version. I am using sample GraphQL query provided here: https://help...
When an order is placed in a store that supports multi locations, I can see on the order page in admin that the items have been tentatively assigned to a location. I see the inventory deducted ...
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Hello, I have implemented checking for deprecated calls for our private app as documented here: https://shopify.dev/api/admin-rest/2022-04/resources/deprecated-api-calls#resource-object This works great in that I can confirm we are good or see detail...
Hello, I have a new client being set up, with an existing catalog in shopify. As part of our normal process, we regularly call /admin/api/2022-01/deprecated_api_calls.json to keep track on what deprecations that will need to be addressed. When I call...
Thank you for your reply. I have created the support request in the partners portal.  I made the request just now  so it is not old.I am unable to figure out how to save all the response headers in a file without writing code to do so, but I believe ...
No one has responded to this issue in a month and Shopify has once again sent e mails to my clients referencing this deprecated call. As far as I can tell, the deprecation is regrading a field that I do not use or reference.  I only get this deprecat...
 I am making this call:/admin/api/2022-01/orders.json?limit=100&status=any&updated_at_min=2022-02-01T19:40:47.0000000Z and getting a deprecated call notice in the response header.:X-Shopify-API-Deprecated-Reasonhttps://shopify.dev/changelog/property-...
Hassain Thanks, that is helpful. I am wondering why the Graph QL Explorer app is not flagging deprecated fields for me as described in the deprecation practices documentation.  Any ides there? Take care, Roy.
My api calls for productCreate  (and also for productVariantCreate) are getting Deprecation headers.  I cannot determine what part of the request is deprecated. When I send the same request to my dev store using GraphQL explorer there are no notices ...
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