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Hey @DavidWard1!The sales channel string can be found on the order resource: Order > channellnformation > channelDefinition > channelName. You could use this in a condition with an `Equal to` operator checking for the specific channel. Then I believe...
Hey @RikGroenland,Currently, there is no Flow action available to update the inventory policy on a variant, or a Flow trigger for recognizing an update made to a metafield. Flow wouldn't be suited to solve this use case at the moment unfortunately.
Hi James,Since we don't have a trigger event for order metafield updated, you could use a Wait action following the Order created trigger to delay the remainder of the workflow you've shared a reasonable amount of time for your admin to enter that me...
Hey!This would require a product updated trigger which we unfortunately don't have at the moment. We are however working on a new trigger that's based on scheduled times as well as a data fetch action. So in the near future you'll be able to trigger ...
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