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One account = one store.  You can have the subdomain redirect to a unique collection page of that store or a different store under an entirely different account. Or look into whether Shopify Plus is worth it for you
First try what @JoesIdeas suggested.  If that doesn't work, please share what happens when you try to cancel an order
It's disappointing to have a store closed, I am sure.  You may not like the reason but to Shopify it's logical.  When they have legal issues with stores/accounts, they send emails from their legal department.  Asking them for more info in that email ...
In a lot of cases Shopify is unable to verify legal details or the stores/products violate Shopify terms.Of course there are some exceptions, such as human or AI errors and bureaucracy.
Have you contacted Shopify support yet?
Can you clarify the part about "switch inventory tracking from 'main' to 'fulfillment"?
I am not aware of any Etsy integration and you will need 3rd party apps to integrate with Ebay.
Check spam/junk mail folder
Where you reside is irrelevant.  If you can legally have a business in the United States, then the right/safest thing to do is to register it properly, along with the address.  If you cannot legally have a business in the United States, you are takin...
I was replying to the part where you were "suddenly allowed to ship only to 3 countries." If you wish to limit each market to only 1 country then you limit yourself to 3 countries.  To have more than 3 markets the store must be on Advanced plan where...
Hi there,You can add the "Email Signup" section from the template area Then go to FOOTER group on the left and remove (on the right) the email sign up from the footer Result 
All plans, incluing Basic, allow up to 3 free MARKETS, not 3 countries.  Each market can include 1 or more countries, depending on your needs.Read more about Shopify markets here -
It only shows up when both the "Compare At" and the lower "Price" values exist
Hi there, Emails #1 and 3 are easy:#1 is your "Store email", which you can configure in Admin -> Settings -> Store Details#3 is your "Sender Email", which you can configure in Admin -> Settings -> Notifications Email #2 is a possibility if your theme...
Hey there,I recommend you contact the vendor selling the product.Thanks
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