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I don't know if this is common knowledge yet, but I discovered that Shopify recently added local pickup to draft orders. To select local pickup when creating a draft order, the customer must have an address entered (which is counterintuitive). You ca...
Unless I'm missing something, a problem with this solution is that if you enable the "view all" button at the bottom of the "featured products" section, that button will show the new "homepage" collection and nothing more. As the button is labeled "v...
I skimmed through that solution, but I did not see where it changes the sales tax location to the physical store (pickup) location. Does it?
I really can't believe this. Shopify just sent out a big "look at all the improvements we made!" ad campaign, and I expected things like this and the other small improvements we've been asking for for years to be included. They weren't. (If yours wer...
Another vote here. More and more often I look for what should be an obvious feature (automatic discount to specific customers), only to find in these forums that it doesn't exist and I need to "get an app." It's becoming obvious that Shopify doesn't ...
I really need this as well.I get a lot of phoned-in orders that I make draft orders for. I can set the shipping to free which LOOKS like a local pickup, BUT it sets the tax base as their home address and not my location, which is INCORRECT and embarr...
Seconded! This is what "BOGO" means to me, but the "buy X get Y" feature in discounts doesn't appear to work that way, which is incredibly frustrating.
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