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I am posting here to offer the following servies: Bulk Mockup Generation Create thousands of mockups per hour Can use any mockup templates, mine or yours Can generate mockups in any st...
According to this post, it says in regards to coupon codes assigned to Customer Groups: Your customers will only be able to apply the discount code if they are signed in during checkou...
Hi, I am looking to see if it is possible to use the modal I am currently using for my shopping cart with the React theme, and load a custom asset page into it. Does this modal have a javascript A...
I'm trying to upload product images to a newly created product, and I can't get it to work. Here is my code: import shopifyfrom base64 import b64encode# Authentication variables omittedshop...
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HunkyBill, are you getting the `X-Request-Id` header in your webhook payloads? Do you know when/why they stopped doing this? Is it only on my account?
Well, so much for doing things the right way. I just discovered that the data that Shopify sends in the payload does not even reflect the new changes for the "products/update" webhook. I've resorted to re-querying shopify every time I get a webhook a...
I am trying to implement HunkyBill's webhook queue specified in this thread: https://ecommerce.shopify.com/c/shopify-apis-and-technology/t/webhook-url-is-called-between-2-4-times-220007 I however ran into an unexpexted oddity- the webhook ID -- sup...
Another vote to fix this problem. I think I may just put a warning on my app that says the app will break if they change the proxy URL. I understand the rationale of allowing the store owner to set their own URL, but for some apps this doesn't make ...
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