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My embedded app is running on Django 3.0 and I use the embedded app SDK to make sure the pages are embedded in the admin panel. I use the following Django settings for the new Chrome SameSit...
I can't seem to create a new sessions in the 2019-07 API Version (version 5.1.2 of the Shopify Python SDK). I follow the authentication steps from the Shopify Django App example, and I'm try...
Hello, I'm trying to create a recurring charge in my Shopify Django app, based on Shopify's Django app repo However, I can't figure out how to get the recurring charge working, I ha...
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I figured part of it out, the create_permission_url function from the Python Shopify API still only has the old admin url ( in it, so the permission url doesn't work reliably for the new admin url (
I get this error for my embedded app when I switch between stores. When I logout and log back in the app works for the first shop, but when I switch to a different store this error pops up and doesn't go away until I log out or clear the cookies. Als...
I'm getting the same error, any info from the Shopify team on how to run this query or when it will be released?
Can someone at Shopify review the errors for the two request id's I posted earlier?29228100-699f-4085-97e8-7e154f1bedebecd795bd-b5de-4bac-8338-8f304a391bf3
@KB77 could you look into the errors for the two bulk operation request id's below for me? I posted these before in a separate topic, but I never got a response there. 29228100-699f-4085-97e8-7e154f1bedebecd795bd-b5de-4bac-8338-8f304a391bf3
@awwdam any chance you can look into these request id's?
@awwdam thank you for the response! Here are two x-request-id's of recent bulk operation api calls that failed. I appreciate you and the teams time looking into this:29228100-699f-4085-97e8-7e154f1bedebecd795bd-b5de-4bac-8338-8f304a391bf3
Is anybody at Shopify able to look into these failed queries? Or is there a different way to contact Shopify dev support about this?
I run bulk operations to pull order data, but recently two different queries stopped running for one specific shop. Here are the most recent bulk operation id's: Bulk operation 1: gid://shopify/BulkOperation/1014398714040 Bulk operation 2: gid://shop...
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