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Background: We were using Shopify Supply Theme and for the product page (primary image) had a very similar LCP Core Web Value score between Desktop and Mobile. We haven't changed our images ...
Hello, We're trying and failing to figure out how to block!important or hide!important collection sidebar. On why this is useful, our Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) is shifted by the colle...
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We agree. For a professional online store service provider with its own contracted volumetric shipping rates, there can be little doubt Shopify should have closed this feature-gap years ago with Shopify native capabilities. It appears clear that to c...
Apologies Kohliraaj,No, we're a shopify store and we don't currently use a capability like that.Dan
Hi,We are a Shopify Plus Store.  We were assigned a Dedicated Merchant Success Manager on December 5th after posting here, but we just learned through outside channels that our Dedicated Merchant Success Manager was rifed last week.  How do we get as...
We are seeing this same issue with Shopify Orders Shipping Customer Form (Page 2) "Description of Contents" column. Shopify we need a way to restore the Shopify Orders Shipping Customer Form (Page 2) "Description of Contents" column so that it once a...
There's been known bugs in shopify orders where the order query will return incorrect results.  First reported to Shopify in June of 2022 and still unresolved in Shopify's latest Order update at the end of January 2022. There are reported unresolved ...
Hi Joel-VI, We agree with Furnituremaker response as well.  This suggestion does not address the issue in a meaningful way, that is it does not provide a working solution.  To be clear, yes, we can place any data we like into Metafields. Does any of ...
Hi Netzerotools, total shipping rate will be calculated with out product dimensions.  May I ask where you say that "total shipping rate *will be* calculated with product dimensions?"  I searched the thread, but couldn't locate it and was told by Shop...
To my knowledge Rx7Parts, there is currently no way to enter dimensions into Shopify so that Shopify shipping will utilize the dimensions for Shopify Shipping rates that require dimensions.  This is the change, that if you want to see it in Shopify, ...
No, everyone should contact Shopify support and ask about Shopify adding dimensions to Shopify's native shipping and Shopify's order label pricing.  The issue is that Shopify doesn't know what merchants want if they don't call in and ask for it in la...
So we just got an update that the original fix (from last night) did not resolve the issue, but an additional fix has already been pushed.  Per Shopify's developers:[PR-XXXX] was merged and we anticipate the problem will be resolved. No action is req...
Hello, We're a shopify shop too.  We reported this on a shopify ticket and we got a response back.  We'll share it with you all here. Shopify noted for the concern around the https://<shop_address>/.well-known/shopify/monorail/unstable/produce_batch ...
We just identified the same issue on our site. We just opened a ticket with Shopify Plus. Does anyone else here have an open Shopify Ticket on this issue?
Hi Nick,  We didn’t see your reply - we are a Shopify Plus Store.  How do we contact our Account Manager? 
Hi Nick, we are a Shopify Plus Store.  How do we contact our Account Manager? 
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