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My application has different urls for the frontend and the backend. Both urls are subdomains of the same domain. In a product details action admin extension I am trying to make an API call to my backend with fetch(). But the Authorization header with...
You get can it from the shop object under primary_location_id
I don't think that product has the seo hidden metafield set. When the metatag is set Shopify will add the following html tag to the <head> of the page: '<meta name="robots" content="noindex,nofollow">'. Which does not exist on that page. This worked ...
What store are you having the issue with Andreavr? I can take a look for you if you like.
It looks like they fixed the issue. I am no longer seeing the problem on our stores.
This issue is not theme specific, but it is only exposed by themes that add a "*" to the end of search queries. Which is many of them.The * is added so that your search does not have to match the entire word. This is especially useful if your store h...
We are seeing the same issue. It happens when a search query ends with a *. Lots of themes add this to search queries and it is causing an issue.Something on Shopify's end must have changed recently.
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