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Good morning, I am in need of help. This morning I noticed a large increased number of traffic (bots). They are currently still flooding the website. I was in contact with the Shopify staff, but i...
Dear all, In the last month it seems something happened to my VAT calculations in Shopify. Which means that the VAT amount that is shown on the invoice to the customer is incorrect. ...
Hi everyone, Lately I have been noticing a drop in my website's visitors. I wasn't able to figure out why until I checked my Google Merchants account. It seems that there's a big dr...
Shopify calculates taxes like { product price * VAT } / { 1 + VAT }. In the Netherlands this is even considered illegal. I used to fix this issue in the past, but I guess after some theme updates I l...
Hi all, I have a question. Whenever I press on the next image of a certain article, the button suddenly displays "Sold out". When I check this product I can see that it's s...
Hi all, How do I create a standard size of the product images for my collection page? I am using the Venture Theme. See following link to see what I mean:
Dear all, I'd like to change the width/content of my pages. I think the left and right padding is too much, and I'd like to make the content a bit bigger. Does anyone have ...
Dear all, I just uninstalled an app on my Shopify store, and suddingly there's this huge space between the product page content and the footer. See image:
Hi all, I am experiencing problems setting up the TAX system in Shopify. Netherlands requires a 21% TAX rate and include TAX in your product prices. I currently have "All taxes are...
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Hi all, I have changed my Homepage Title via Online Store - Preferences. Unfortunately it keeps showing my URL when I visit the website. Do I have to change the Page Title in Google or something? Thanks for your help! 
I have recently changed my URL from TCGONLINE.NL to CARDSTORE.NL.Then I had to change my URL also in my Google Merchant account. I have done this, but all my products are still disapproved.Any idea how I can resubmit all my products to Google Shoppin...
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