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Hi; Does anyone know how to edit the customer registration page in the Turbo theme? Specifically how to change the header. Also, how to replace the newsletter signup form with the contact form on a...
Curious as to where the backup files are and how to get them. GD has a very easy way to backup your theme as you work on it and get to it if you need to, but I don't see it here. Thanks in advance. ...
Hi everyone, Is there a way to add a video that automatically turns on to the products slide show in the Turbo theme from OUT OF THE SANDBOX? Or is this something I have to take up with them and not...
Quick question. Newbie here and still trying to figure things out. When emailing a customer from the Shopify "Customers" list, where is a copy of that email stored? I've looked for it on Shopify, Kla...
I've been trying to figure out what app to get for email marketing. I have NO experience in this and really don't have the time to learn it. Is there a simple app that will work with the Turbo theme?...
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