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I have been using the shopify editor for years with no real problems. However I went to use it today and noticed they have appeared to have changed the layout. It used to be that the "visibility/temp...
I've been trying to improve my site download times and took a look at it in and one of the first things that struck me was the file size of the images in the sli...
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@GuyWilliams  Hi, not confusing the two but there are quite a few reports as in the link below and I know a lot of Etsy sellers were having problems as late as last month.
Has something changed with Germany then ? My information was that their IOSS portal would not be ready until 2022 ?
@NatashaD I think it’s always going to be the case anyway that not everything gets stopped so there is a certain element of luck to it. I snoop around various forums like Etsy but also various trade forums, we sell tech industrial items. If you think...
@NatashaD I feel your pain. The Netherlands is also not up to date on IOSS, I know that from conversations with an Etsy seller (Etsy includes IOSS as part of the platform) who has had to stop shipping to the Netherlands. You're also right about handl...
My husband (Swedish) read your reply about having good connections with the Swedish tax authorities and remarked that you must be the only person who has, (expletives deleted, many of them). His prejudice not withstanding ,I will take a closer look. ...
@LauraECY Thanks Laura. I agree some clarification needed. I can tell you that for orders in excess of 150 Euros German customs are an absolute nightmare at present with delays and I really don't want the same experience with smaller orders.
@SarahFB Well, I haven't found any updated info that contradicts this but on the lookout for it as we speak.https://www
@LauraECY  Hi Laura, Interesting and informative, thanks. One question, do you ship many orders to Germany ? I ask because I know that the German postal authorities have stated they won't be ready for IOSS until 2022 and if I were to resume EU shippi...
Maybe, maybe not but why purchase a label from Shopify ? Try Parcel2Go or one of the other providers, cheaper.
In that case only the website can help you,  if they can't be bothered then shop somewhere else, I know I would.
That's a different matter to this subject. The order is being rejected because the shipping address and the card details don't match. If you put your address in exactly the way it is formatted in your bank or credit card statement account there is no...
You need to be taking this up with the website you tried to purchase from. But if it was them that you emailed, then the advice to use PayPal solves nothing. In truth, a lot of websites are not even aware that this is happening. Should not be rejecti...
More hurdles than you could possibly imagine at present.  
@GuyWilliams Thanks for such an informative reply. I have also had experience of EU postal authorities doing whatever they want with IOSS, and as you say, no recourse. Can only hope that the situation improves, I know there is also a lot of frustrati...
I have to agree that if you find 19.99 a problem for an app to help you ship to the EU then you should probably be concentrating your efforts on the home market. In fact, you should probably be on a different platform given the cost of Shopify apps n...
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