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Bio: I'm a developer of Beacon App on Shopify Platform.

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Hey Shopify Community, I have a question: If there is a way to void already captured payment (it was captured manually after it was authorized) ? What should I provide in API call? "parent_...
Hi Shopify Team, I want to test installation of our app using PHP UnitTest. Currently we able to get authorized url using CURL, but we need to log in to the shop to be redirected with "code"...
Hey guys, Can anyone explain how I get Conversion summary data for an Order through the API? I have been staring at the documentation for a while and I cannot see anything obvious. Effectively ...
Hey, I have an app, and webhook for order creating. F.e. I want every time new order come in, be able to get number of payment attempts. I can do that by using API "/admin/checkouts/...
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Hi there!We are having the same issue here! Everything is up to date, host parameter, AppBridge v3, Content Security Policy. Maybe it needs some time to review the app? If not then how to submit those updates?  
Hi martabel, There is Checkout API that can help you with updating a checkout with final price, including shipping price. shipping_line I guess. "shipping_line": { "handle": "sho...
Hi Shopify Team,I'm a developer of the app.I want to my system be able to cancel the order and make a refund automatically after webhook for "orders/create" were triggered.How can I refund the order? Cause Shopify API documenation says that I need to...
Thanks!Probably I should create topic about getting location_ids of the items in the order!
Hey Nick,Thanks for your response! I'm a developer of the app, and I want to Merchant  who will use my app to be able to cancel the order if Customer has some tag. And my system will do it automatically. I can cancel the order after webhook for "orde...
Hi Shopify Team, Is it possible to cancel or deny checkout (using ShopifyAPI), after customer passed checkout. And prevent payment process.F.e. if customer has Fraud tag.Thanks,Alex 
Thanks! Probably that's the case. Should I use "any", then ?Interesting why it happened with one merchant. We have 100 more stores and everything is ok. We can get orders with any status. That's strange...
Hi Shopify Team,I have an app that gets recent orders of the merchant (with last shopify update we can get only last60 days orders).Evertything was fine untill I recognized that for one merchant shopify api gets only 7 recent orders. But merchant tol...
Thanks for response, Can I use Storage Access API in PHP? Should I use this documentation ?
Hi Shopify! I'm using PHP for my App, and I have a  problem with sessions when merchant uses Safari brwoser. Session doesn't save.Is there any way to store sessions (cookies), so that my app will work properly?  Thanks!Alex
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