My business moved 6 months ago. I updated all of the information in Shopify. But my old city appears on customer's credit card statements. How do I correct this?
Re: Brooklyn Theme Express Checkout Buttons (AmazonPay, GooglePay, Paypal, etc.) BROWSER: CHROME Express Checkout buttons do not show up at all on the checkout page. I need them to show up ...
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This email should clearly state that it is a receipt for a physical gift card purchased in-store. Customers may confuse this email for a gift card for themselves,  and use it. And then, when the gift card recipient tries to use the physical gift card...
Paul, it is literally the same exact problem as described by the op. "I have an automation which sends a discount code to the customer after 90 days of inactivity since the last order. This works fine.My problem is that the same code is sent again an...
I would love to know how this got resolved. I am having the same problem. But I don't understand the solution. Did this actually get resolved? If so, how? 
Yes, That's correct. As a shop owner, I know to do that. But customers donot realize that their order is being taken over by ShopPay and they justfollow the instructions and enter the code.
Unfortunately, no. It's not in Shopify's interest to get this resolved so they apparently ignored it.
I would probably ask the customer if she can take a photo of the gift card and text it to me. I'd then create a custom sale in my POS for the invoice amount, and reference the draft order in the notes. I'd scan the QR code to accept payment. Then, I'...
I just had a customer experience lots of difficulty in checking out on my website using Afterpay, which has been integrated with my website for well over a year, now. She started by shopping on our store via the Afterpay app on her phone, then entere...
What is EMB? I'm also using Square but would love to bridge with Shopify.
Question about integrating GooglePay - Will this solution work with POS and e-commerce? Or just e-commerce?
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