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  We can definitely help you out with this. I have gone ahead and sent you an email to the account associated with this forum account. The next steps that we are going to need to do are listed in there. 
Amazing!! That's what I like to hear.  If you ever have any more questions for me please let me know. 
Aha! I have just the thing for you.  So there is actually a tutorial by our developers that walk you through the exact steps in regards to setting this feature up.  If you're not wanting to do this yourself or if you don't feel comfortable you could ...
That is a question that I can totally help you out with. For the featured image you're going to want to make sure that the main image that you want to be shown first is in the featured image section of your product page:    As far as hiding the thum...
That sounds great!  If you ever have any further questions about this or anything else please doesn't hesitate to reach out again. I am happy to do all that I can to assist you. 
Hey, great question! I'd certainly love to see what I can do to help you out here. From what I am understanding of your request you're going to need to use a CSV file to upload the images to your variants. That would be the fastest option for you. Yo...
@ShopAlexlynn & @almak  I have done the same for you as well and have sent you both emails. If you can take a lookout for those and follow the steps in that email I will be able to help you out even further.   If you don't see the email in your inbox...
I see what you mean! Since we want stores to have the opportunity to market their store the way that they want to we don't have any tradeshows or places for customers to essentially "Shop on Shopify". Shopify isn't a marketplace like some other servi...
Hey, there! Dallas from Shopify's Social Care Team here. I'd love to provide some clarification for you on this   One of the main goals behind Shopify is to be an e-commerce platform that offers the essential toolkit to create and sell products on a...
Yes, that is the email that you want to reply to. I see your email reply so I will reply to you there so we can continue this conversation. 
Hey, there. Dallas here from the Shopify Social Care Team. Ah yes, that is very important, but no need to worry I certainly can help you out with this. Since you're not sure where the error is we are going to need to send this up to my account integr...
Hey!  I have your email but haven't replied yet because I'm just speaking with my team about the best next steps for you. They are out of the office now, but I should have the next steps tomorrow. Please keep an eye out for that email reply. 
I would love to see what I can do to help you out with this and get it resolved asap because I completely understand the importance of this.  It sounds like this could be a cache related issue. Have you tried clearing your cache? This helpful link gi...
Thank you so much for letting me know! I would love to help you out with this. In order to work on this I'm going to need to verify your account which means that I am going to need to move this conversation to email.  I have sent you an email to the ...
For that I would have to send it to my account integrity team so they can verify and make that adjustment. I don't actually have access to be able to do that.  What I am going to do is send you an email to the account associated with this Shopify for...
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