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Hello there, I understand that time for responding to jobs is used as a metric for ranking us on the directory. However, how does this work when it comes to weekends and public holidays? For exam...
Hello there, We've come across a possible bug with native subscriptions in Shopify. Has anyone else come across something similar?... Add two subscriptions with the exact same frequency to your car...
Hello there! <span class="lia-unicode-emoji" title=":waving_hand:">👋</span> We're new to Shopify Experts and super excited to be here <span class="lia-unicode-emoji" title=":grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:">😄</span> So I'm trying to get our listing and service pages up to scratch. Something I noticed almost straight away is that the t...
Helo there! We have a number of call centre staff who need to start taking orders over the phone. Now I'm fully aware that draft orders in Shopify are quite limited. There's a number of things ...
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Hello there. Just wanted to pop in and say we're seeing exactly this problem with our app. It is getting rather frustrating!
There's a secret method for hiding products from search In your Shopify admin, go to this URL:/admin/bulk?resource_name=Product&show=image%2Ctitle%2Cvariants&edit=metafields.seo.hidden%3AnumberFind the product and set the "hidden" field to 1.
There's an app called "Locksmith" that can lock down products (maybe that's the one you were thinking of!).Alternatively, you can make sure the product isn't added to any collections and remove it from /collections/all by creating a collection called...
Hello there!What you can do styling wise is very much dependent on the theme you are using - so the first port of call should be the documentation for your theme.If you're using "Debut" then you can add the "Collection list" element to the homepage u...
Just to add to this - I've just come across a very good use case for being able to select currency for draft orders.As you might be aware, if a customer pays for a normal frontend order in a different currency to the store's default, the order cannot...
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