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Hi there, I've used to Customer Privacy API in a theme to give the visitor the ability to accept or decline tracking. This works as expected, I can use the Customer Privacy API to get and set...
I inspected an order-object today that was part of a webhook-notification (orders/create). As I wanted to look-up what the field confirmed stands for, I was surprised to find ou...
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Hi, that is not what this topic is about.This topic is about being able to have a slider-component for the images itself (meaning you would be able to change the active image by navigating the main image area with arrows left and right, instead of ha...
Unfortunately not, all solutions I’ve found so far completely replace the product image area with something totally custom and thus not utilizing Dawn’s implementation at all.
Hi there, I'm using Dawn and the product images on the product detail page are shown as a slider in mobile mode.This means you can swipe or use the arrows below the images to change the image shown. In Desktop mode, I would like to have this as well,...
This sound a lot like an issue that I coped with yesterday.Although using the Admin REST API and not the GraphQL API, the concept should be the same.  After careful analysis of what happened in my case, it seems to be as follows:When creating a refun...
I have also tried to do this with the Shopify Github Integration, as I have a client with multiple stores (one for each sub-brand) using the exact same theme (but of course different configuration like logo, colours, fonts, etc.).Unfortunately it see...
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