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The default image size always comes up as 480x480 and it is making me work too hard to change it every single time I add new images (I add alot). How can I change the default to the compact siz...
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I have the same issue.  I am only seeing this now as of October 2023 and I see your post was quite some time back.
I like your second solution to customize the theme and add a video section but I don't have that option.  All mine says it "Product Pages" and does not have any customization options at all. 
How can I get a video on the product page with canopy theme?
I would like to upload videos on the product page for the canopy theme.  Does anyone know how to do that or can you tell me how to edit code so it would be possible?
Mine defaults for Price Sku and several locations (which I do NOT ever need)  The locations take up quite a bit of space.  I no longer defaults to the compare at price which I ALWAYS need.  Each store is different and Shopify should know that and let...
Yes!! Like so many others.  This is a time sucking task that should be easily fixed just to be able to have default settings I hardly EVER need locations but ALWAYS need the compare to Price.  PLEASE help us get more done in much less time and frustr...
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