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Hi all I have created a site which is alomost ready to launch but the store owners are insisting on having a mini-cart that pops up when a user adds things to their basket. I am using Slate a...
Please help forums - you're my only hope... Hi all, I am in a state of dispare and feel i have tried everything with a theme i'm building. I have a product page that displays how man...
Hi there, i was wondering if someone could have a look at a bug for me? I am building a shop where all products have 'retail' and 'wholesale' price. We want to display it like this... £...
Hi all, I was wondering if someone could give me some advice. I am creating a store using Slate / Starter Theme and have run into a difficulty involving products that have variants. Basically w...
Hi everyone - hope all is well! I am a bit of a Shopify Newb - on my second theme ever and am using Slate and Starter Theme which is fun. I am building a store for high-end interior designers s...
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Yes I agree - it would be a very elegant solution to just be able to add a collection to a shipping profile instead of creating a manual process for site admins.
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