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Bio: Premier Google Partners and Shopify partners since 2014. Our mission is to ease the access to Google Ads and Shopping for all the Shopify users.

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Hi CharlieWe tried to contact support several times, and they can't give us a solution, it looks like we are published but anytime we try or clients try to install the app they have a warning on the installation Oauth that bock the process. sorry for...
Hi @CharlieD,Thanks for your fast response, we are unlisted now because this issue.This is the ID of the app in our partners panel: 971472.Let me know if you can find by this ID or not.Thanks in advance.
 We are stuck with an issue in the new admin panel because it doesn´t load our App, we don´t receive any request (in nginx neither) when open the app so we can not debug what is happen there.The App works perfect if we access through
Hi @sellingjewelry Have you tried with Ads? Don't leave influencers aside, but if you really want to have an impactful result in the short term you should try Ads. With this type of online advertising you can grow depending on your objective.I would ...
Hi @jonali  Great to hear your website has 1k+ traffic per month. I would like to suggest our Shopify Ads intrgration where you can reach even more traffic.Check it out!! Have a nice day!
Hi @MuhammadSherry  We have a good solution for that. The Clever Ads Shopify app allows you to easily create and optimize Microsoft and Google campaigns for your online store.We also have discounts codes from Microsoft Ads and Google Ads that are sup...
It would be good to know when the webhook is triggered, the API lacks some information for it.
Hi @GSMTRUE  You are on the right track, starting your online advertising strategy using ads is the best way to start gaining traffic and positioning in the online market.Have you also tried other types of paid advertising platforms? I would like rec...
Hi @SupTea  Have you try another Ads tool for your online Advertising? I would like recommend you this Mobile App:  Clever Ads Manager, which creates free, custom-made Google eCommerce Ads Campaigns for Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Micros...
Hi @Beka84 Yes, They are 
Hi @Beka84 Thanks for the reply. Those companies who spend 3000-5000$ are normally BIG companies and have a lot of budget to spend. But if you just start with your business and the online advertisement, having at least 200$ will allow you to have a t...
Hi @Beka84  This depends on many aspects: the value of the keyword (CPC- cost per click), the average ticket of the product you sell and the results you want to see in the short term. I recommend starting with $150-200 and see the day by day performa...
Hi @Peachtreewood  I saw you could solve the problem you had. However, I would like yo recommend you this Mobile App: Clever Ads Manager, which creates free, custom-made Google eCommerce Ads Campaigns for Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Micr...
Hi @Beka84  There are so many tools in the market you can check out like: Sell the trend, Wish Inspector or as many if us uses: investigation in Amazon.  I also want to recommend your this Mobile App: Clever Ads Manager, which creates free, custom-ma...
Hey @OurOrbital   I recommend you follow every step of the customer journey, one common reason for a low conversion rate is that people don't like what they see when they land on your site. A good landing page will always increase the time person wou...
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