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hi! I deleted footer.liquid on debut & need to add footer with just 50px of black because my client doesnt want anything on the footer! please help cause i have no idea lol
I have had to remake my clients store 3 times because you keep shutting it down <span class="lia-unicode-emoji" title=":disappointed_face:">😞</span> ive made, and and shopify keeps sh...
Hi i have a client that wants this graffiti as their website background. I can't figure out how to do it anywhere and shopify support was no help <span class="lia-unicode-emoji" title=":disappointed_face:">😞</span> I have it in illustrator right now ...
hello this was what i got from shopify support, if anyone knows how to do this please help :))) thanks!!! Tegan L: Hello! Tegan here your Shopify Guru! How are things going? <span class="lia-unicode-emoji" title=":slightly_smiling_face:">🙂</span> ...
Only thing i can find is in laugages to change add to cart to book appointments but then it does it for all my products. Just need one collection which is the hair services to say ...
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Having the same issue any luck with a solution?
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