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Hello, does anyone know what app is this? ...
Hello, can someone help me telling what up is this? I am very interesed in it and i can't find it : It's a buy more up but it looks realy realy good > store link: https://b...
Hi, can someone tell me what theme is this one? Thank you very much, they edited the code so I cannot find it in source.
hi, can someone tell me which theme is this? or something similar ? thanks
hello, I heared a lot about delay pixel fire on facebook. How can I do that on shopify ? To delay the pixel 3 seconds for people who come and leave immediatly. And what do you say about this? I...
hello, can someone tell me which app is this, that show buy more but in images?
Hello, I saw a store that has an app before checkout that ask you if you want another similar product. Can someone tell me which app is that i tryed with builtwith but didnt find it. thanks ...
Hello, I have a question maybe someone can help me, I tryed adding a credit card payment to my store and they asked to have this text before checkout "All orders are processed in USD. While the conte...
Hi, I saw many stores that have funnel with buttons etc... on product description like this: How they are doing it ? So page...
Hello, can someone tell me what the is this site using? I tryed to.check it with tools but says development-pixel. But i dont find no theme with that name.
Hi guys, can someone tell me how can I change the entiry checkout page like this: So after you press checkout it show everything , you can add in ...
Hello, i have a minor problem. I deleted wishlist button to make the add to cart button bigger but now it is near quantity. How do i make it lower? Note: my programming skills are 0.
Hello can someone tell me witch app is this . It allow to add page button on product page.
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Hi, so shopify automatically send sms notification after order is made, if the customer add his phone / not mail. What i was thinking, i am doing COD , is there a way to add in the sms a message like this, if you change your mind about order please c...
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