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Bio: I am doing a balanced mix of theme and app development however I am a front end dev so themes are like my patients.

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1- Assess necessity of each script, remove unnecessary ones.2- Find initial call to costly executions, make them call when they go into view or something with intersection observers. If third party script and immediately executed, you can load the sc...
Hi, you can try negative margins + setting width to `calc(100% + 3rem)` for under 749px.However I would suggest removing padding from parent component for mobile view.```@media screen and (max-width: 749px) {    // mobile styles}```
I am also having this error when I try to run `shopify app dev` command with railway cli. 
Hello, please provide link to development store and store password so we can have a look at it. If your theme is stock booster theme I would suggest reaching out to their support.
Btw you really need to optimize those images, 19mb is a lot. Try adding images as jpeg or webp to canva. Png is basically uncompressed image. You can use this tool to get webp 
Hello there, those images are background images and you have below style applied to them. I would open up devtools and play around with that property i guess.It is in the theme.css file. 
Hey, thanks for the access. But I could not dive in because the state of section on the index template was not same with the time I did a debug when you first opened this thread.
Hey, I sent you a collaborator access request. I can fix it if you accept.
Hey, your section has a script that is using window.location and causing an error.Do you see this line? It is '/products/skin-tint-30ml' on the product page however it becomes '/' on the main page. The variable "path" should be '/products/skin-tint-3...
Probably you are having a script error. There is a dropdown that is controlled by scripts that determines which variant to add to cart.Paste below code to the devtools console, when you change an option paste it again it should be changed. If not, it...
Hi, I am not a store owner but I have a suggestion for store owners. You can hire him/her to add alt text to all your product images. Alt text task is not typing intensive but requires thinking. Having alt text will increase the stores "accesibility"...
I guess I got what you wanted, you want to use one of product images seperately as "available colors" visual. So how many products will use this same image to visualize all color options available? If it is shared I would recommend uploading it to fi...
Ok, let me tell you what I would do then.I would first create a checkbox in the section settings, right here:then I would grab this classname conditionallyThere should be this expression in your theme.css then I would add it to probably this containe...
I would do it for you if you share your myshopify url, trying to make you do it would take 4-5 more messages I guess.
Well if you want to do it per section basis, it needs to be a "section setting".
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