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Why are "extended authorization periods" only available for Shopify Plus? Customers are very sensitive about their payment information. Rightly so! It un-nerves-customers, to be asked again for thei...
How to fix: Ensure text remains visible during webfont load? adding: font-display: swap; to @font-face does-not work. I do-not want to hire an expert. This ...
How do you find out what exact issues are causing a CLS rating of poor?
Why is not possible to add a discount to an order, after the credit card is authorized but not charged? Can edit quantities however cannot make order less than what it was placed for - doesn't make s...
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Does anyone know how, what and where to edit code in Turbo - Out of the Sandbox Theme, to hide blank product meta fields?
Why doesn't Shopify put a disclaimer next to forms where an email address is entered. It could state something to the effect: If you don't see your order confirmation, shipping confirmation ect in your in box then please check your spam folder. This ...
A customer places an order then calls on the phone to say they want it shipped air. There is no way i am aware of to upgrade the shipping on the customer's order? We have to create another order for the difference in the shipping amount. This is prob...
Why can't you edit shipping on an order? Customers change their minds!
There are so many limitations to this that it is absolutely useless! Many of these customers are B2B as businesses often have multiple email addresses.Profiles can't be merged in the following cases:either of the customer profiles has a subscription ...
Why is it not-possible to change or update shipping method after order is placed? An order can be edited yet the shipping cannot. Customers often change their minds. This seems like a simple request which we have been asking for for 5 years. I do-not...
Customers must be-able to have more than one email address. It is critical as many retail customers order under different email addresses. In addition many business require duplicate correspondence to be emailed to different people within an organiza...
I think Shopify needs to fix "Search". I have the same situation. The idea that you have to use an app to search for a sku # is unbelievably ridiculous.  
Added code however still getting error:Warnings: A preconnect <link> was found for "" but was not used by the browser. Check that you are using the `crossorigin` attribute properly.
I added it again to header however I receive this warnings: A preconnect <link> was found for "" but was not used by the browser. Check that you are using the `crossorigin` attribute properly. After receiving this mess...
Thank you for your reply. I tried adding it however I guess I was under the misconception that it would reduce dns look up time. As it did not make an improvement I removed the preconnect code.
How to preconnect or prefetch google analytics?Do not know where in the liquid file this is?Should it be preconnect, dns prefetch or.......?
Success!!! Thank you very much.
I am really appreciative of your help.I just did all but the modify. It reduced the number displaying however it is still showing one? 
Thank you for your help.This is the only thing I can find that meets your description:{%- capture font_settings_list -%}{{ settings.regular__font | font_face }}~{{ settings.regular__font | font_modify: 'weight', 'bolder' | font_face }}~{{
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