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I have looked at all the current posts about this and none of them seem to relate to the current Venture theme. I would like to centre my logo. I am not very technical so please can someo...
I need someone in the UK that I can work with to redesign my website - www.ozoverboots.co.uk. It has been up and running for 5 years now and needs redesigning to take into account new product c...
I am currently doing all my financial accounting through Wave but feel this is a very crude system. It doesn't take into account selling fees deducted by PayPal, Shopify and other platforms tha...
Hi there I am using the minimal theme but am having issues with my menu navigation. I have the first button as Shop which drops down into lots of sub categories. The issue I am h...
Good afternoon I have just set up an agreement with a company to drop ship items for me. Their rate of postage is higher than the products I hold in house. Is there any way to ma...
I have a product that has been slow to sell and I just want to recoup the cost on it. Please can someone advise how is the best way to do this. I would like to create a Sale with obvious ...
I have been using Royal Mail Click and Drop integration for a while now and have never experienced any issues. All of a sudden though it has stopped marking the orders as dispatched in Shopify,...
I have had feedback from several customers that the section where you enter your address is very American. I am in the UK and we need extra address lines. Would this be possible? Peopl...
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I would also like to see an option for Highlands and Islands as it is costing a fortune in extra postage.
My products have remained the same for years and I have started to get this N/A by products and it zeroing the sales in the sales report.  Why would this be?
I have just linked e bay to my Shopify account via the app.  All has gone well apart from the fact it has synced each variant image for each size.  I have there ended up with numerous images of the same thing can I change this?TIAHannah
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