Hi all, I previously had a filter app but there were too many glitches and it slowed my site down quite considerably. I ended up having it removed but now I'm left with a big empty space wher...
Hi all, My site is www.frontiers-woman.com. Things were going well but have slowed down quite a bit recently. All feedback is hugely welcome - be as critical as required. Thanks ...
Hi everyone, I have two websites (one stocks men's clothing and the other women's) - the woman's store is on the Shopify platform and the other is a custom website. The custom websi...
Hi there I'm trying to change the blog layout into a grid in Venture theme - does anyone know if this is possible? I've used this code but its not perfect >> <div class="grid grid--...
Hi there, On my website I have a collection list page which shows clothing categories ie Jackets, tops, etc. I'm now looking to create a Brand page (in adddition to the drop down menu I cu...
Hi everyone, I'm in the process of creating my first site and I'm struggling with the drop down menu. The menu only consists of a few clothing categories ie coats, tops, trousers, etc but the s...
Hi there, just about to launch and need a little feddback! I'm dont really like the brand page but struggling to find some code within these forum pages. All advice/pointers hugel...
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Just off the phone to Shopify - I can't believe that one year on and this is still not sorted. Has anyone found a good workaround? Thanks 
I had to use an app. Looks exactly how I wanted it but pretty steep at $10 a month. Called Size Swatch. 
Hi @Jason / @MetafieldsGuru  May I ask - is it possible to reorder the variant options within a metafield? I currently have a variant metafield for my size filter, however, its not in numerical order - see attached. Any advice hugely appreciated! Tha...
Hi KetanKumar, would code work to display the sizes on the Impulse theme? Many thanks 
Hi Alan, would this code for the Impulse theme? Many thanks. 
Hi Mhmedia, did you manage to get this working? I also use the Impulse theme and am trying to display only the current sizes in stock. 
Ah, I see. Yes, I was planning on asking about a misc button for each brand during my onboarding call but that's obviously not possible. From your experience is there any other obvious function which is not available? 
Hi all, I was getting worried after signing up then reading this forum, but surely this is the answer >>  https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/sell-in-person/shopify-pos/inventory-management/products/quick-sales
Fantastic - spot on. Really appreciate this!On a side note, do you know if it's possible to change the order? Ideally, I'd have:-FeaturedDate, new to oldPrice, low to highPrice, high to lowAlphabetically, A-Z
Hi @JasoliyaWould it be possible to help.... I have the Impulse theme (frontiers-woman.com) - hoping to remove:-Alphabetical, Z-ABest sellingOld to newMany thanks in advance.Best, Mark
Perfect!! Thank you very much - really appreciated.
Tried that at the top and bottom of the theme.css.liquid but no joy  
Added it to the very top and it works perfectly - thanks very much. Is there any way for it display in red on mobile view? 
Hi,I added that code but it doesn't seem to work:- Any ideas?Many thanks, Mark
Hi there, thanks for your reply. Store - frontiers-woman.comI'm looking for the Sale menu on the nav bar to be in red.Best,Mark
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