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Hi, when someone enters a '' URL for a shop that doesn't exist, they are presented with a "This shop is unavailable" screen. On desktop, this screen looks normal and nice, but on mobile,...
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Hi, Just to clarify, we are trying to enable Apple Pay for a Sales Channel rather than for a particular Shopify Store. Even with Shopify Payments enabled on a test store, Apple Pay payments fail on our domain with the following warning: Either you do...
Hello, I am attempting to enable Apple Pay via Stripe on our Sales Channel's checkout flow. According to Stripe's documentation for enabling Apple Pay on our Stripe account/domain, we must host a verification file on our domain and whitelist the doma...
What about for products with no shipping address (e.g. products with "This is a physical product" unchecked)? Shouldn't they also have a non-zero totalTax?
We are using the Admin REST API to facilitate orders made through our web application. Everything works fine for orders which require shipping, but it was recently discovered that our application was failing to complete checkouts for orders which don...
Just a note for anyone who finds this topic and is still having this problem:We recently switched to using cookieless authentication, which has resolved the problem permanently for us. Check out the pinned article Introducing cookieless authenticatio...
Hi Hanna, Thanks for the response -- our issue has always only been in Safari. Our developer investigated further using the the new URL format you provided and our original test steps. He responded with: "If I clear cookies, go back and try exactly t...
We have been experiencing a problem where users attempting to access our Shopify App from a Safari browser, either on desktop or iPhone, get caught in an infinite ‘Enable cookies' loop. Our app is built as an Embedded App, using the current versions ...
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