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Hi! My Shopify App uses the App Proxy feature, and the application served on these app proxies routes makes AJAX API calls to my app. Do you recommend that my API calls go through the App Proxy as we...
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I haven't gotten down to it yet but should look at it in the coming weeks, I'll let you know! 
Hi @Josh ! I haven't yet updated my code to fallback on this other header. I'll make sure to tell you if this covers all cases and if I'm not seeing any new cases. I have to say it's not a super satisfying answer to learn that we have no idea why thi...
@Impressthanks for the tip ! I didn't know notice that both addresses were included in the `HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR`, I'll try fallbacking on this now
Hi @Josh! Thanks for following up and no worries, the conference sounded intense, so many features we're looking forward to !I don't think the request was 12 days old, but in any case here are a few other random ones from the production shop joonepar...
Hello @Josh ! Here is a first request that just happened on the shop and that didn't have the HTTP_X_SHOPIFY_CLIENT_IP HTTP header. It's `HTTP_X_REQUEST_ID` is : `d7c66797-c2dc-49b6-8522-dc95bf547416` Thanks so much for tak...
Thanks for taking this seriously @Josh ! I've just added instrumentation to be able to give you these IDs, I'm deploying them and I'll let you know as soon as I have some data. Have a nice day!
Hi @Josh ! Thank you for your answer. I have not noticed anything specific, it feels very random so far. It happens on the same URL for the same devices. I could not find a precise workflow that would trigger it. however it is quite frequent. My Rail...
Hi ! I'm building an app that uses the App Proxy feature. I'm relying on the `HTTP_X_SHOPIFY_CLIENT_IP` header from the proxied request, and quite often this header is missing.Do you have input on what may cause its absence ? Should we never rely on ...
Hi @fedebalderas! I haven't yet tackled that issue but I'm going to have to at some point for my app. It is too bad indeed, I don't really understand if there is a reason not to have this endpoint in the API. I have the feeling that since it's doable...
great @Alex thank you very much for your quick and detailed answer. I missed that action button in the list. Have a nice day 
Hi Karl, again about this abandoned checkout deletion. You said we cannot delete them via the Admin UI but we should be able to archive them. However I cannot see where this is doable in the Admin UI. Could you point me to the button / page?  I looke...
Thanks for the quick and precise answer Karl! That's too bad, but I'll try and find another way. All the best
Hi! From the docs, it seems it's impossible as there is no DELETE endpoint for Abandoned Checkout. I'm wondering if there is a 'disguised' way of doing it? For example, could there be a hidden `abandoned_checkout_id` parameter that can be sent upon ...
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