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We will be making a few small changes with product variant option error messaging as follows: - Moving variant option errors from 'base' to 'option1' (or 'option2', 'option3' as appropriate) - T...
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@bristlebird You should be able to crop HEIC source images now, please let me know if this is now working for you. Thanks!
On 2023-07 here is what I am doing:   To get the GID:   query products { products(first: 10) { edges { node { media(first: 10) { edges { node { id } } } } ...
Hey _Dominik_, regarding your first point, the built-in editor uses the mutation. If you prefer the behaviour where the PRODUCTS_UPDATE webhook fires as a result of the u...
metafieldsSet should work now if you use GID such as gid://shopify/MediaImage/33642354213165   Please let me know if that works, or if you are still having issues, thanks!
Hey George, there is a new feature which allows you to Replace a file in-place. You can access it under the Content > Files area under the navigation.     If you click through a PDF you should see a preview modal, under the more options ... menu the...
We've shipped a fix which should make the 16-bit source PNGs which were having issues work fine now without any work around. Thanks for reporting this and your patience with getting it fixed.
Sorry about the problem with this. I took a look at your Codepen example and I am able to see the same issue in Safari. I downloaded your original image and inspected it with the exiftool utility. It appears that your original image is a 16-bit PNG. ...
@teragram wrote: Hi there, Any word on if HEIC images will be supported anytime soon?   You can upload HEIC (and WebP) directly into the Shopify admin, see:
@Aaron98 wrote: Would anyone be able to help on the best way to implement <picture> tags while using {%render 'responsive-image'%}? my goal is to pass our responsive-image template file multiple SRCs and have <picture> decide which SRC to use based o...
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