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I am using SuperFields in order to customize my site, though my question isn't about the app. On one of my pages, I need the boolean value for the following: variant.metafields.sf_{{ collection....
Hello, I'm sandboxing some new features on our website at the following page. I am trying to style the buttons that say "Shop All>>". Here is the code that I am using: <button...
Hello, I have a question about using Javascript to update. Right now, when a user adds an item to their cart, the following code updates the number of items in their cart and the cart total:...
Hello,I'd like to let customers add items to their cart and then stay on the same page. I'm going to work with a sticky cart so that they can see what happens. Here is my code, and I can't fi...
Hi, I'm trying to make my logo into a link that always returns people to the home page. The link works, but is only active in the center of the image. I'm not sure why the whole image doesn...
Hi, Our fulfillment center has asked that we prevent users from adding line breaks (or carriage returns) to any fields during checkout. Is there a way to screen for and remove line breaks? Than...
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Hi Boki,  All of my collections use the same template, so that isn't an issue.Thank you for the suggestion,Josh
Hi, I'm having an issue where I have a collection that is populated on the backend. When I go to a live preview, the collection shows as empty. I've already tried deleting and recreating the collection and verified that all relevant products are set ...
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