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We've built a Sales Channel App and need to add an admin link on the order details page which goes to an external URL. The problem we're experiencing is Shopify app...
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Thanks for the insight.I think, for our use case, either API approach would work; we could either explicitly pass in both the shop and presentment currencies ourselves as we do already have them or alternatively we'd be happy to just supply the prese...
I can confirm the native Shopify Payments multi currency support creates orders with presentment_currency and shop_currency set to different values, e.g.```"total_price_set": {    "shop_money": {        "amount": "76.59",        "currency_code": "GBP...
I can actually see already it causes issues with the built-in Shopify reports: You can see it's just treating the 99.99 USD as GBP here.
These are the requests I've tested on a GBP development store: ```POST https://{{store}}{  "order": {    "line_items": [{        "variant_id": 20962533146742,        "quantity": 1,        "price": "99.99"        }    ]...
I can see the Admin Orders API accepts `currency` as an option, allowing us to create orders in a currency different to the shop currency.e.g. in a UK (GBP) Store we can create an order via the Admin API with the currency set to USD. This results in ...
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