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Previously when we uploaded CSV files to inventory, those inventory items would have boxes checked for online and POS in Sales Channels. Now they are just checked for online and have to manuall...
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Thanks I knew it was there before but had a difficult time finding it.  I really hate the way everything is hidden behind 45 clicks  now in the new dashboard.  It is truly awful.
There used to be a column showing year to date sales for customers.  Now with the reporting change and Analytics section, there doesn't seem to be any way to easily pull this information.We have a reward program based on previous year sales and I nee...
I was told today that they would revert us back to the original Home Page.  Hoping it will be quick. 
I at least got a new customer service person asking questions about my issues when I mentioned i would be considering a switch of platforms.  Before that was repeated patronization.  And the explanations and the video about the roll-out made me ill. ...
We are making close to a hundred sales every day and it's still not the comparison that's relevant.
The video about the change was very annoying. I felt it was not only patronizing, but it's exactly the opposite of what we want!  We don't want a single -column layout with wasted white space everywhere.  I want all my biz info at a glance.  Not a hu...
I have been getting patronizing responses as well, until today. It appears that the Support Chat was elevated to another (higher?) person who actually asked what the exact issues were and why it was so disliked.  The conversation is still ongoing, bu...
I agree as well.  This isn't streamlined at all, unless you consider streamlined to mean, no information is shown.  This new layout is such a time waster and clearly written by programmers who never used the program on a daily basis.  Whoever came up...
I vote for needing a merge function as well.  Desperately needed indeed. 
Finding duplicates takes a lot of work to properly manage our Reward Program.This needs to be fixed ASAP!
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