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Hi! I think there is not a straightforward way to do this, but I am looking for help creating nested collections. I don't want to do this via a menu. We sell custom planners and not...
Hi! I would love some feedback on our store, particularly how obvious (or not) it is to actually build the product. We sell custom planners, and there are several steps a customer has to ...
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Check out the “print on demand” apps for Shopify. There are multiple companies that do this and will seamlessly connect to your Shopify store!
Hi!  Go into the admin (log in on a browser, instead of logging in to the POS app on whatever you are using as a register).  You can then go to the "Analytics" section and get a wide variety of reports.  It's not as "all in one report" as the Z repor...
I need help with this too.  Not every customer duplicates in QB, but some do?  I can't figure it out.
Have tried for days now to speak to someone about this.  No luck getting through on the phone.  Also, because the import stripped off the business names from our customers, even if someone can get this feature to show up on my plan, it still means I ...
This is not a "best option".  The inability to adjust prices at checkout is a major, basic feature we all need.  Creating custom items makes the Shopify analytics on item sales meaningless.
In my experience calling the number, either I am on hold for an extended time and then the line disconnects, or when I do talk to someone they don't seem to understand what I am even asking.  Exceptionally frustrating.
I am on the Shopify Plus plan and this is not an option.
I'm so frustrated.  After all the time they spent telling us it would be "just the same" there are these significant, non-minor issues that just don't work.  Sorry you are in the same boat!!
Has anyone discovered a way to create a held receipt or draft order in shopify POS?  I know I can do it in Shopify online, so I am surprised to find it does not seem to be part of the POS interface?  I don't want to charge something to someone's acco...
With our old POS system, we could easily change the price of an item at checkout.  For example, someone orders a double-sided print from us; that's 1.5 times the price of a single sided print.  We no longer seem to be able to do this at all, which is...
We have a large number of customers who have an account with us under a business name.  After completing the switchover we have discovered that POS does not recognize that field at all.  How can I have customers who are businesses, not individuals?  ...
Hi!  Not sure if you are all still struggling with's what I did - I made a new customer named "Check Purchase".  When someone wants to pay with a check, I accept that payment from them as "cash" but assign it to the "Check Purchase" custo...
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