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We have created a carrier service. Our client would like us to update the checkout to show a discount that would be returned from our carrier service. eg. the original price with a line through it. ...
We have an app that creates shopify orders, and have noticed that if you do not specify a ‘last name’ in the shipping/billing address then Shopify will silently just leave that address out of the ord...
Our customer_saved_search queries all customers tagged with "consolidated_invoice" { "id": 1979596234, "name": "Consolidated Invoices", "query": "tag:\"consolidated_invoice\""...
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I just spent a LONG time trying to get it working. The only way I could was to first created a Shopify Draft order, add an 'applied discount', then complete the draft order.If you are using the shopify_api gem, it looks like thisorder_params = { l...
Thank you Josh,I understand - I appreciate you taking the time.
I have created an order via Admin panel - and by doing it this way you are not required to give a full shipping address. For instance, you can have a blank address1, phone, or city (these fields are required if the order is placed by the customer). T...
Hey kehza,Were you able to figure out how to set the payment gateway for a new order created from a draft? To anything other than 'manual'.I've been trying to do this for a couple of days now.
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