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Hi @HankLee182 ,1. Go to Online Store -> Theme -> Edit code2. Within assets folder -> section-footer.css3. Update the code.footer__localization:empty+.footer__column--info { align-items: center;}Replace with: .footer__localization:empty+.footer__colu...
Hi @HankLee182 ,You need to replace the below svg code in your theme file with the svg code of the image you want to set.<svg aria-hidden="true" focusable="false" role="presentation" class="icon icon-caret" viewBox="0 0 10 6"><path fill-rule="evenodd...
Hi @dragos1195 ,We would suggest that while creating discount code via API and assigning it to certain customer, you can add the customer tag with the name of discount. You can then display the discount code in customer profile page using below code....
@Relynjon No Shopify template can be included / called into another template. You should rely on snippets using "render". Alternatively, you can duplicate the template file with customization and use it as per your requirements.Thanks
Hi @surajit1 , You can create a custom app in shopify and can use the Shopify Products API to fetch the Product Prices ad share it through API.URL:
Hi @eduard95 ,Currently Automatic Discount can be generated for other three options "Amount off Products", "Amount off order", "Buy X get Y" but not for "Free Shipping".You can follow below approaches to implement free shipping.1) You can set conditi...
Hi @eduard95 ,In order to create Automatic discounts kindly follow below steps from your shopify admin dashboard.1) Admin Dashboard > Discounts2) Select "Amount off products" from the discount from discount type popup.3) Finally select "Automatic dis...
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