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I don't want to reverse them, I want the thumbnails to  display to the left of the main product image instead of below. and for them to be larger too.
Hi! I would like to change the location of my product thumbnails to the left of the main product image and make them slightly larger. I am using shopify's "Colorblock" theme and have several different product templates. Here is the url of the product...
I would like the make the variant title and variant selections larger on my sense theme for my products. How do I do this? I do have different product templates if that makes any difference. 
Hi! Can you help me reduce the padding on my product page as well?  I haven't had any success doing it by adjusting any sliders via the product information page. https://shopspikesandseams.com/products/palm-cheetah-custom-satin-pajamas?_pos=3&_sid=7f...
Hi! I added this size guide popup to my product template and it's added a lot of white space between the sections right above and below it for some reason. I have tried adjusting top padding and bottom padding from my "Section padding" slider from th...
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