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View the page source in your browser and find out. That would take a fraction of a second, where waiting for a stranger to see and reply to your post takes 41 minutes. 
I'd suggest checking your browser's developer tools. If there's some reason the stylesheet is not being loaded, you'd find out there in the console or the network inspector.
Did you put the Embed API (Javascript tag) on that page? That's what redirects the user to their admin login page.
A front end page customers are supposed to see is not part of an embedded app. You should not use the embed API on that part of your app. Embedded pages are embedded in the admin area of Shopify. You probably want to use the application proxy or some...
@Kathy, "Pav" above answered that question. If you see "Loading..." it's because you haven't called ShopifyAppBar.initialize() in your app. Make sure you've done everything in these instructions: http://docs.shopify.com/embedded-app-sdk/initializatio...
You must be looking at the wrong screen. It's the "edit app settings" button. Even if I click "create a new app" right now, this option is on the screen.This option didn't exist *before* February. That's when the Embedded SDK was first released for o...
Unless you took the time to switch this from "disabled" to "enabled", then your app is not embedded in a frame.That Shopify offers this new option has no effect on any of the work you've already done.
The error explains the issue. Your app sets the X-Frame-Options header to SAMEORIGIN, which means the browser should refuse to show that page inside a frame on a different site. The Shopify Embedded App docs mention this:http://docs.shopify.com/embed...
Safari blocks 3rd party cookies.Embedded apps cannot set cookies, even session cookies to enable basic features like user logins and retaining state between page loads.Is there any official advice for working around this other than passing around ses...
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