I think my cookies are prventing me from seeing it. Can anyone tell me if they see it and is it working? https://kathybankston.com/
I've had this website for a couple of years now and it's just not getting found and then not converting. Any suggestions for improvement? https://kathybankston.com/ Maybe I just need to g...
I've had this site a couple of years and I had just hoped to have more out of it. Is it my line of jewelry? Is it the design? What could I do to get more sales. If you have time tak...
I contacted a Customer Via Shopify Form, Now how do I see a copy of what was sent? I forgot to toggle the cc for myself. Does Shopify store conversations anywhere?
Is there anyway to get it to show the price beside the variant on the drop down selector?
I am wondering what best practice is for deleting old products? I sell jewelry, some of which is one of a kind. Once it is sold I toggle the switch to not show it on the website. Bu...
Hi, I would like some feedback on my shop please. Any and all advice would be appreciated! Thanks Kathy http://kathybankston.com/
I'm working with SEM Rush on my website and I'm getting feed back that my pages are missing the Language Declaration. Is there a way to add this declaration to the code?
Is there a way to receive carbon copies of any correspdance emails that I am sending to my clients? I'm new and would like to see what my customers are getting, the easiest way I could think is if...
Hi, I'm just starting out and shipped my first order today. My items ships in a bubble mailer and I was given 4 USPS options: 1st class mail 1st class package Prioity mail and th...
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Handmade - no UPC So I don't think that is it. 
Regarding this:  ->Product organization-->Category--->RINGS (my input- which shopify changes to JEWELRY after a few days)----->Determines US  tax rates If I input RINGS - a few days later I come back and Shopify has changed it to JEWELRY.  Why is Sho...
Has this been fixed yet?  I sell from small 10x6 up to 36x4x4 - there is a huge difference in price for these items.  We need to be able to input box size per product so It calculates correctly.  
Did they ever come up with a solution for this?
I'm still seeing my meta fields and everything is syncing properly with Google 
I entered the category fully typed out, Google merchant center did accept all of these fields this morning, so we are good to go with these instructions! YAY!
@jeany Thank you for your in depth reply.  I really appreciate you taking the time to do that for me.  I was able to add the fields.  Now I'll give it a few days and sees if it clears the errors in Merchant Center.  Thanks!
@jeanyHow do you know what to put in all the blanks?  I guess I'm a little stupid but I have no idea what to fill in.  It won't save the definition if its blank.  As an interesting side note, The item I just added Friday is buyable on google shopping...
But they are not there on new products, only if you want to edit existing products that already have them.  Do they turn up once Google errors them?  What a PITA!
Shopify needs to put this back because now all new products we are adding are throwing errors in merchant center and are no longer shown due to the errors.  This is BS and shopify should put this back immediately.  All this does is hurt sales.  Why? ...
mine will not load either
The post office says that I must have a scan sheet.  I can't seem to figure out how to make one.  Does Shopify have a way to create scan sheets?
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