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Hello Everyone, I have an activewear store for ladies. and unfortunately i am getting no sales. I believe my merchandize is fairly decent and althought not cheap its afforda... Hi i am trying to have a backordered/delayed shipping option for certain products. I was able to adjust th...
Hi I found this article that is suppose to teach you how to set items to be back ordered/delayed shipping. But when I tried to login to the products pages I am not about to find anything that s...
On the left hand menu on my website there are 3 brands under shop by brand. I jsut tried adding an additional brand for hours and have had no success. I have added a collection, and that collection p...
Dear All, I have set up my store so that there is a bank transfer option and free shipping for local customers. I want to arrange in such a way where an email is send to the customer confi...
My Submit button under the continue buttom in my checkout is black. Does anyone know what to do about this? Thanks Jen nie
Hi I'm about to launch my website but in the interim have put up the password protected page. Right now it is just plain white. With all the writing about signing up etc. how do update the backgroun...
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