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Hey guys, we are looking to extend a specific part of the Shopify Admin Panel using Script Tags. Looking under Shopify Script Tags, I wasn't able to figure out. Are there any examples that can let m...
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I've checked this issue at your site, and it looks like you moved the search bar to the side-menu. It looks all good.
Can you clarify more about where this issue occurs with the redirect?
Can you share your current website so we can take a look on the problem?
Glenn, all you have to do is to replace the image on the product. I can see that your product it's using 300px image.Can you share a snippet of what did you have at `sninppets/product-thumbnail.liquid`?
When you decide to choose a plugin, use one that can let you Import and Export data at any time.We were using Yopto for some of our websites, and their format of import/export it's easily managed. Also, by the new GPDR when you delete an App, it's re...
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